Do I Need Financial Advice?

For most people they don’t have the skills and expertise to navigate through the world of pensions and investments.

A question we are often asked is do I need Financial Advice?

The honest answer is if you have the skills, the expertise and a time to do this yourself then why pay someone else to do it for you. Kind of like if you could build your own house why would you bring in a builder and pay them to do the same thing that you could do.

The likelihood is that for most people they don’t have the skills and expertise to navigate through the world of pensions and investments often look for someone to take the burden off the shoulders and allow them to spend the time doing things that they actually enjoy doing.

We believe that everyone should have a Financial plan regardless of wealth.

We hear far too often people say to us that ‘it’s probably not a lot of money’ but we also understand that it’s money that you’ve worked your whole life to achieve and should not feel uncomfortable seeking advice because YOU feel YOU may not have enough.

We firmly believe that financial advice it’s all about a plan before products.

A plan identifies where you are and what you currently have.  We then ask the right questions to gain an understanding of where you want to be.

Our role as financial planners is to identify any gaps you have in that plan and make a recommendation to help you get to where you want to be. Now if we discuss your plan and we establish that you’re actually on track then you leave with peace of mind knowing that everything you’re doing is right and has been signed off by a qualified professional.

And if you’re not on track then we can work together, gradually building a trusted relationship to get you where you need to be. That for us is what financial advice is all about and should be available to everyone who wants to set off on that journey.

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